Exactly Who is Telling Untruths Here? Chugg Entertainment Need to Put up or Shut Up.

Chugg Entertainment has broken its’ long silence and Company Director Andrew Stone – a bloke who me thinks tries a bit too hard to be cool and hip – is now claiming that the stories on our site about the band Sheppard are totally untrue. Of course Andy would say because he shares Australian management of Sheppard with Greg Sheppard, the subject of many of our stories

Calling an artist’s work a fiction is an easy claim to make in a Tweet, and any fool can do it. Ian Saxon could claim in a tweet that is was aliens that brought in the gear and in 118 characters there would be no way to prove or disprove his claim*. That’s why we prefer to publish detailed stories backed by evidence and links to relevant documents and information.

Including company records like this one – see the bloke named Gregory James Sheppard ? (Tip – click on the documents to make them bigger).

Note the postal address:


Now let’s have a little look-see here. This is the law firm owned by Sheppard’s manager.


See the postal address? Notice anything?

Mmm. Now look at this.


Gregory James Sheppard – that’s the same chap who own Sheppard’s management company. He’s the bloke who shares the Aussie management rights with Andy Stone.

empire of song

Yep, that’s him.  Look – there he is with Amy from the band!


WTF is Andrew Stone from Chugg Entertainment on about?

Our stories totally untrue? Pigs ass!

Perhaps Randy Andy might take up our challenge and write a piece in response to justify his ridiculous claims. If you talk it, you gotta walk it Randy so come on bro, tell the world just exactly how we are wrong.

We’ll publish whatever you write unabridged and unedited, as long as it’s not defamatory (toward anyone other than us, that is – you can sledge us as much as you like. It’s a 2 way street).

Ball’s in your court sunshine. The detainees of Manus look forward to hearing what you have to say.

*Please note that Michael Chugg’s friend Ian Saxon has not made any such claim, and has not been accused of importing gear for many years

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